I Am Writing A Story

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I am writing a story about a dragon and a princess. Now before you start laughing you should know that the story is for a little girl who loves dragons and princesses. The story is going to be about ten chapters long. It depends.

I am planning to give my story to the little girl on her birthday. The only problem is I don’t remember her birthday! I better find out quick, huh. Anyway I want you people to see my story so I will post it as soon as I am finished writing (which will probably be in about…… five months! Or longer. It takes awhile to write a story). Hope you enjoy it when you see it. Bye.


D.A.R.E. Essay

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D.A.R.E. is a class we take in the sixth grade. The class teaches us what drugs, beer, and smoking can do to us. D.A.R.E. stands for two things. One is Define, Assess, Respond, and Evaluate. The other is Drug, Abuse, Resistance, and Education.

There are lots of things I learned in D.A.R.E. but I am only going to tell you about two. One of the things I learned in D.A.R.E. is that smoking can have disastrous effects on the human body. First off it can lead to lung cancer and heart disease.  Not to mention that there are two hundred known poisons in cigarette smoke. Not only is smoking bad for the smoker but it can be bad for a nonsmoker too. If a nonsmoker breaths in the cigarette smoke they can get lung cancer. Approximately three thousand nonsmoker’s die from breathing in other people’s smoke. So that is why I choose not to smoke. It can put the health of family and friends at risk.

Another thing I learned in D.A.R.E. is that alcohol is very dangerous. First it can slow down the brain and the body. Alcohol can lead to comas and even death. Again not only does drinking affect the drinker but it also affects the non drinker as well. Being around those who are drinking there is an increased risk of injury, car crashes, and violence. On my list of things to do when I grow up drinking isn’t on there.  Because of all the reasons I have put right here and so many more.

I feel that the D.A.R.E. program is the one of the best things that has happened to me. Learning about all the dangers of drugs and so many other things has helped me. Now, when I grow up I want to be a vet. If I were to choose to drink or smoke do you think they would let me into that college. I don’t think so. Who wants a smoker or drinker at their college. I know I wouldn’t.

Right here and now I am going to make my pledge. My pledge is to never do drugs, smoke, drink, or anything else of the sort.


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Today the our teacher in the Reading Workshop told us to write a post about integrity. These are the questions he asked “This prods the question, does integrity matter to a sixth grader?  Should it?  Thinking back to the read aloud of Freak the Mighty, and having watched the film, The Mighty, I was thinking about Kevin’s view of integrity.  How does it compare to yours?  In a few words, does your integrity guide how you live?” This is what I wrote…

Yes I think integrity does matter to a sixth grader. And yes I think it should. Kevin’s, from Freak The Mighty, view of integrity is to never lie and to always do the right thing. Like if someone were to  tell me to steal something I wouldn’t do it. That means I have integrity. If I were to take it that would mean I would have no integrity. When I compare Kevin’s view on integrity to mine I see they are the same. I believe you shouldn’t lie and you always need to do the right thing. And yes integrity does guide my life.

The Achievement Test

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Today my class and I took the sixth grade Reading Achievement Test.  It was half hard half easy. Half long half short. But I made it through. 🙂  Plus the teacher told us that if we took the full two and a half hours, which I did, we get a full hour of recess. Pretty cool huh. But what is really scary is that the Math Achievement Test is this Thursday! 😦  I really don’t want to take it. Math is not my best subject. But I have to take it. Wish me luck!  😐

A Bully

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Today my teacher asked us to comment on his blog, The Reading Workshop. What we needed to comment on was a post he wrote about bullying. What brought on this post was a book we are reading. A book were in it a boy named Russell is always getting bullied by a guy named Richie. This is what I wrote.

If I were in Russell’s position I would try to be friends with Richie. Do nice things for him. Be nice towards him. Maybe he will be nicer.

If that didn’t work then I would tell a teacher or a parent. My sister or my brother. Any adult. Just someone who can get Richie to leave me alone.

The third and final option would be to avoid him. Try to stay away from him. As soon as I would see Richie walking down the hall and we were the only ones there. Well you know what I would do. Turn around and run. Find somebody. When people are around he is bound not to anything.

And those are the things I would do if a bully was after me.


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Today our teacher was talking about potential. Like how far can we go. With the achievement test coming up we have to reach our potential. My teacher asked my class and me to write a  comment on his blog about how we can reach our potential and what we think our potential would be on a potential meter. Well I wrote  that I think my potential would be a ninety on the potential meter. One a scale of one to one hundred. My very best would be a one hundred. What I can do to reach one hundred is to do my very best on the achievement test. Use all the strategies I have learned this year and check back at least three times through my test to make sure I did everything right. And that is how I think I could pass the test.

The Comment

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Today my teacher asked my class and I to write a comment on his blog. You know. Answer the questions he put for us. Well this is what I wrote.

To answer your first question I do control my own destiny. Well part of it anyway. My mom and my teachers control some of it. But I am getting to make more of my decisions as I get older.

What I am doing to steer my life towards success is I am working very hard in school, learning everything I can, and making good decisions. By the time I grow up I should be able to go to collage, get a job, and have a nice life.  All because I controlled my own destiny. Wow. Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it.